Hardware Accelerated CSS3 Transitions for Layers
    Improved KenBurns Effect
    Parametters for Initial Intermediate & Exit Moves
    can't be wrong!
    Layers & Ken Burns Effect
    In A Stunning Single Slide
    Multiple Animations
    Make your slider
    as you dreamed of!
    Make your dream
    come true!
    Your utmost slider
    has landed!
    We are cooking layers
    they taste Like wonder
    YouTube Support
    Vimeo Support



    • KenBurns Effect

      Ultra-smooth Ken Burns (zoom & panning) Effect for background image, on all major browsers

    • responsive design

      The sider is fully responsive, including images and texts. It is responsive for both fixed dimensions or full width

    • touch screen navigation

      Compatible with IOS and Android mobile devices.

    • Layered Elements

      Permits almost unlimited number of layers, images or texts.

    • Fixed, Full Width And FullScreen Versions

      You can use the slider as fixed width, as full width or as fullScreen background, according to your layout design.

    • Animated layers

      Animated Layers using smoooth CSS3 transitions. Parameters to set inital, intermediate and exit moves.

    • YouTube & Vimeo Support

      The slider has support for YouTube or Vimeo video.

    • Two Types Of Transitions

      You have available 'Fade' and 'Slide' transitions to navigate between the slides. Parameters to set the speed and easing.

    • link for each slide

      Optional links for each slide with parameter for _self or _blank. In this manner you can set a different link for each image.

    • Three Skins

      The slider has 3 skins already created: Opportune, Majestic and Generous

    • circle timer

      Parameters for color, dimensions & transparency. Available parameter to hide circle timer

    • Multiple Instances

      You can insert multiple sliders on your website or on the same page

    • Extremly customizable

      Multiple js options from where you can customize your slider

    • Free Updates

      Once you've bought the product, you can download for free, from your account, all the updated versions.



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